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Housing Opportunity Program

Programs for Home Buyers and Renters

Finding a place to live, a place to call home, involves some of the most important choices you will make. Contact a REALTORŪ to learn more about preparing yourself for your housing search and the options that are available to you in your community.

There are a number of programs available to assist you as you prepare yourself to find housing. These programs fall into four general categories:

Housing counseling and homebuyer education: Whether you ultimately buy or rent, it is critical that you understand your finances, what it takes to buy a home, and the benefits and costs of renting versus buying. There are housing counseling agencies and homebuying information in most communities across the nation.

Affordable housing: As you search for the best housing available to you, it is important to know the programs that make the housing you need and want more affordable. For more information talk to a REALTORŪ or learn more about housing affordability programs at this Web site.

Downpayment: If you are purchasing a home, you will need a downpayment and funds to complete the sale. A REALTORŪ can help you understand what you will need and the sources for assistance if you need it.

Financing: Unless you are prepared to pay cash for a home, you will need to secure financing to purchase a home. A REALTORŪ can help you understand the basics of financing or will refer you to a lender for more information. In addition, there are many lending programs designed to assist you in meeting your financing needs.

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