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Our Partners

NAR and the Housing Opportunity Program work closely with a number of national organizations. Our collaborations range from working to get legislation passed to educating home buyers.

NAR encourages REALTOR® associations to partner with local members of these national organizations. They share your interest in promoting housing opportunities in your community.

Whether your association reaches out to the partners below or to your mayor, county council, local counseling agency, or state housing finance agency, you'll will find strength in working with these partners.

Contact NAR to learn more about partnering with us.

Key Housing Opportunity Partnerships

U.S. Conference of Mayors
NAR signed on an agreement with the USCM in 2003. NAR holds a seat on their "Investment Council for the New American City", and collaborated with the Conference on the Ambassador for Cities program. This program highlights successful collaborations in that community.

National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials
NAHRO is a leading community development advocate for the provision of affordable housing and strong communities. Their members administer HUD programs such as Public Housing, Section 8, CDBG and HOME. NAR signed an agreement with NAHRO in 2003. We agreed to collaborate in support of our mutual efforts to meet the nation's affordable housing needs, by sharing resources and information valuable to our memberships.

NeighborWorks America
NeighborWorks America is a national nonprofit organization created by Congress to provide financial support, technical assistance, and training for community-based revitalization efforts. The organization is made up of a network of more than 230 community-based organizations which help create educated homebuyers and healthy neighborhoods. NAR signed a partnership letter with NW in 2004. The goal of the partnership is to foster local partnerships between Realtors and counseling agencies, which will result in new homebuyers.

National Association of Counties
NAR entered into an agreement with NACO in 2003, with the goal of encouraging partnerships between Realtor associations and county officials, in order to promote housing.

The Campaign for Affordable Housing
TCAH is a nonprofit organization representing a partnership between corporate leaders, business groups, housing sponsors and the media. It's the only national organization with the sole purpose of educating Americans about the benefits of affordable housing as a community asset and supporting grassroots efforts to mobilize support for housing programs. NAR is a member of the TCAH and has sponsored their guide to messaging affordable housing with the media.

National Housing Conference
NHC is a public policy and affordable housing advocacy group. NAR is a regular sponsor and participant of their events and programs.

National Low Income Housing Coalition
This organization's sole mission is to ending the affordable housing crisis in America. As a member of this organization, NAR is very involved with their various events and programs.

White House Initiative on Minority Homeownership; Blueprint for the American Dream
NAR is a key player in President Bush's goal of increasing minority homeownership by 5.5 million by 2007.

Freddie Mac's "Let the Truth Move You" Program
Freddie is partnering with several local Realtor associations and counseling agencies around the country to increase homeownership among African American and Hispanic families. The program is designed to dispel common misconceptions regarding buying and owning a home.

Habitat for Humanity, International
The Housing Opportunity Program educates local and state Realtor associations on how to sponsor a Habitat build in their area.
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Volunteers of America
VOA is a national nonprofit, spiritually-based organization providing local human service programs and the opportunity for individuals and community involvement. Because one of VOA's goals is to promote housing, NAR is a sponsor of a variety of their events and programs.

National Building Museum
The Museum's exhibit called, "Affordable Housing: Designing an American Asset, "demonstrates that housing that is affordable can be pleasing to the eye, as well as enhance a neighborhood. This exhibit will travel to 10 cities in 3 years. HOP funds an opening reception at each museum and involves local Realtor associations in each event.

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