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Recent Federal Legislation

After legislation is enacted into law, federal departments and agencies will promulgate regulations implementing the programmatic provisions contained in the legislation. Usually regulations are published in the Federal Register in proposed form where the public has an opportunity to submit comments. The department/agency takes these comments into consideration before publishing the regulation in final form.

Once the regulations are final, they govern how the particular federal programs will operate. Agencies and departments will often try to expedite the process by issuing guidebooks, handbooks and especially policy memoranda such as HUD Notices and Mortgagee Letters, Rural Housing Service (RHS) Administrative Notices and Veterans Administration (VA) Circulars.

HUD Rules and Regulations
HUD provides rules and notices for comments made about regulations.

HUD Notices and Mortgagee Letters
HUD Notices and Mortgagee Letters provide clarification, guidance and operational instructions on how the programs work.

Rural Housing Service
The RHS provides new systems of operation and procedures, makes clear the methodology and administrative policies governing existing programs and introduces new products and services.

Veterans Administration Circulars
VA Circulars announce new programs and systems of operation and procedures.

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