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Legislative/Regulatory Process

The effect of legislation is not felt until such time that it is passed by the governing Federal, state or local legislative body and signed into law by the presiding administrative official -- whether that is the President, governor or mayor. Once signed into law, the administrative branch officials write the regulations governing the programs contained in the law. The overall process of passing legislation, finalizing regulations so that programs are in effect can be a long process entailing several

The legislative process involves a number of intermittent steps where various portions of the original legislation are modified, deleted, and added until a final piece of legislation is readied for final passage. All of these steps allow opportunities to advocate and assure the inclusion of provisions that address the need of providing greater housing opportunities.

After legislation is enacted into law, the federal departments/agencies promulgate the regulations implementing the programmatic provisions contained in the legislation. Once the regulations are final, they govern how the particular federal programs will operate.
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