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Federal legislation/regulations provide the foundation for many policies and programs implemented to provide housing opportunities at the state and local levels. Current federal housing legislation and equivalent state legislation/programs are included here as well as timely federal regulatory information.

Legislative/Regulatory Process
The effect of legislation is felt only after it is passed by the governing federal, state or local legislative body and signed into law by the presiding administrative official.

Pending Federal Legislation
The 108th Congress has begun, and a number of bills relating to housing opportunity have been introduced.

Related State or Local Legislation
State and local legislation is often modeled after federal programs.

Developing State and Local Legislation
Recommendations for promoting housing opportunities at the state and local levels.

Recent Federal Regulations
It is important that federal departments/agencies adhere to legislation, issuing regulations only as necessary and adhering to the required timeframes.
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Legislative/Regulatory Resources
Governmental and non-governmental resources for legislative/regulatory activity related to housing opportunity.
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