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Goals of the Ambassadors for Cities Initiative

The main goal of the Ambassadors for Cities program is to create initiatives that in turn increase the affordable housing stock. Other goals are to:
  • Highlight successful existing local affordable housing strategies in which REALTORS® play a significant role
  • Create new public/private partnerships in the affordable housing effort
  • Implement successful local affordable housing strategies that can be shared with and replicated by other REALTOR® associations and the broader public
  • Provide an opportunity for local mayors and REALTOR® associations to show off their successes as part of a national effort, allowing local leaders — mayors, REALTORS®, lenders, and civic leaders — to gain national recognition of their local efforts
  • Generate local and regional media coverage of affordable housing initiatives with REALTOR® and mayor involvement, leveraging the attraction of local leadership
  • Create opportunities to strengthen REALTORS'® relationships with members of Congress and Senators by featuring successes in their home districts and states

NAR’s Role in the Ambassadors for Cities Initiative
Local associations will take the lead on implementing Ambassador events. However, NAR can provide the following assistance:
  • Modest seed money for the event or program
  • Publicity within the REALTOR® organization (Web site, magazines, INS, conventions)
  • National media attention
  • Relationship building with the local mayor (based on NAR's partnership with the U.S. Conference of Mayors)
  • Ideas for events and partnerships
  • Speakers, including representatives from NAR and the USCM)
  • Political involvement on the federal/national level

The 2007 application deadline has passed. Learn more about how to apply.

Further Information
Wendy Penn
Housing Initiatives Representative
(202) 383-7504
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