NAR Health Insurance Coverage Surveys

Over the course of NAR's involvement in the health insurance reform debate, NAR conducted random surveys of REALTORS® from across the country.

While the results varied in terms of the exact figures reported, the results of the 2008 survey, presented below, are indicative of the results of surveys conducted from 2000 through 2008.

Views About the Health Care System

  • Approximately half (51%) of REALTORS® responding to the survey believe that the current health care system is not meeting their needs or the needs of their family.
  • More than 8 in 10 REALTORS® (82%) believe that the health care system is not meeting the needs of most Americans.
  • 91% of REALTORS® believe that the U.S. health care systems should be reformed.

Insurance Cost and Coverage

  • One in four REALTORS® reported that they had no health insurance coverage.
  • Among REALTORS® with insurance coverage, 43% purchased an individual market private plan while 27% were covered under a spouse’s or partner’s insurance plan.
  • Among REALTORS® without coverage, 73% reported premium cost as the reason for the lack of coverage; only 15% cited a pre-existing condition as the reason for the costly premium.
  • 4% of REALTORS® report being denied Insurance coverage due to pre-existing conditions.
  • 63% of REALTORS® with coverage paid the entire premium, with an additional 28% sharing the cost of the premium with an employer or other coverage source.
  • Coverage most often included hospitalization (96%) and major medical (96%) followed by prescription drug coverage (81%).
  • 66% of REALTORS® reported that the firm with which they were affiliated did not offer any type of health insurance coverage.

About the Survey

A 30-question survey was randomly sent to a selected sample of 42,309 REALTORS®. A total of 5,131 responses were received, resulting in a response rate of 12.1%. The typical respondent was 51 years old, female (62%) and worked full-time (87%). Nearly two-thirds (63%) were sales agents. Half were affiliated with a firm that had one office.


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