A Toolkit for State and Local REALTOR® Associations

Association Health Plans Toolkit

NAR is invested in state and local association efforts to pursue Association Health Plans (AHPs) as an attractive and affordable benefit option for REALTORS® and their families.

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The National Association of REALTORS® is working diligently to ensure self-employed real estate professionals have access to better health insurance options through Association Health Plans (AHPs). While barriers to a national AHP option remains, particularly in the form of recent federal litigation setbacks, NAR continues to advocate for federal clarity and support the broad adoption of AHPs locally.

Background & Foundational Support

Fundamentals on the AHP final rule, litigation, and recently issued supporting materials, including the Department of Labor's (DOL's) response to the U.S. District Court's decision.

Compliance Guidance

A map and state tracking chart provide an overview of state laws and regulations related to AHPs and the treatment of independent contractors.

Legal Insight & Analysis

A template letter that can be modified and sent to state insurance commissioners seeking clarity on AHP laws and regulations in your state with a supplemental legal interpretation of the associated federal rules to support the requests.

Communications Coverage

Op-Ed and press release templates help highlight association efforts in advocating for and exploring the viability of an AHP.

Legislative and Regulatory Review

NAR staff are available to assist in reviewing state legislative and regulatory proposals, including drafting insight. NAR staff also have outside legal and policy expert contacts to potentially help with this review.

Research Data

National NAR data on the health needs of REALTOR® members used to support justification for AHP implementation.

NAR Federal Policy Resources

A compilation of NAR's Federal Advocacy efforts for use in showcasing the national push to secure AHPs as a member benefit option.

Model State Law

A summary of and model state law to modify for potential implementation of AHPs allowing for inclusion of independent contractors in a given region.

State and Local Association Success Stories

Several state and local associations have already benefited from NAR’s support, with a number of AHPs providing new and affordable benefits. Countless additional associations are also exploring AHP options but have been delayed due to uncertainty surrounding the federal litigation and other local hurdles.

Additional Resources

Upon request, NAR Staff can also provide:

  • Access to federal health benefit legal experts.
  • Connections to insurance provider contacts.
  • Recommendations for local health benefits attorneys.

Stay tuned to Topic: Health Care Reform for the latest information.


Health Care Reform

As part of efforts to address the health insurance needs of members, NAR has advocated for reform of the health insurance markets.