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Policies: Data

Current Listings

Section 1: Standard Forms

Section 2: Termination Dates

Section 3: Net Listings

Section 4: Open Listing

Section 5: Office Exclusive Listings

Section 6: Listing Prices Specified

Section 7: Auction Listings

Section 8: Limited Service Listing

Section 9: MLS Entry-only Listings

Section 10: Listings of Suspended Participants

Section 11: Listings of Expelled Participants

Section 12: Listings of Resigned Participants

Section 13: Submission of Offers

Section 14: Reporting Resolutions of Contingencies

Section 15: Reporting Cancellation of Pending Sales

Section 16: Information Included in Any Association MLS Compilation

Section 17: Protection Clauses in Association MLS Standard Listing Contracts

Section 18: Compilation of Current Listing Information

Section 19: Reproduction of MLS Information

Sold/Comparable/Off-market Information

Section 1: Reporting Sales to the MLS

Section 2: Withdrawn Listings

Section 3: Inclusion of Expired or Withdrawn Listings in an Association’s Comparable or Other Report of Statistical Information

Statistical Reports

Section 1: Statistical Reports

Section 2: Statistical Reports Should Be Kept


Print and Electronic

Section 1: Internet Data Exchange (IDX) Policy

Section 2: Use of MLS Information in Advertising and Other Public Representations

Section 3: Transmittal of Participants’ Listings to Aggregators

Section 4: Electronic Display of Other Participants’ Listings

Homes Magazines

Section 5: Regulation of Advertising in Association or Commercial Publications