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Chronological Listing of Multiple Listing Policy Statements Approved by the Board of Directors, National Association of REALTORS®

Chronological Listing of Multiple Listing Policy Statements Approved by the Board of Directors, National Association of REALTORS®

Statement 7.1: Lock Boxes—Deleted 05/12. MLS Policy Statement 7.31 is more current and comprehensive

Statement 7.2: Caravans

Statement 7.3: Statistical Reports

Statement 7.4: Arbitration

Statement 7.5 Code of Ethics

Statement 7.6 Board Operation of MLS—Deleted 2005

Statement 7.7 Association Membership as Prerequisite to MLS Participation

Statement 7.8 Services of the Board MLS—Deleted 2005

Statement 7.9 Definition of the MLS “Participant"

Statement 7.10 Compliance with Law by Association and MLS

Statement 7.11 Agency

Statement 7.12 Tax-Exempt Status of Board Owned MLS—Deleted 2005

Statement 7.13 Use of MLS Logo by a Nonmember Participants

Statement 7.14 Immediate Access to MLS by Association Members if Provided to Nonmember

Statement 7.15 Compliance with United States Postal Statutes

Statement 7.16 Revised Interpretation No. 4—Deleted November 1996

Statement 7.17 Association and MLS Compliance with National Association Policy

Statement 7.18 MLS Provided to Nonresident Members—Deleted November 1996

Statement 7.19 Multiple Listing Service Reciprocal Agreements Between Associations, Contract Service for Multiple Listing Service, or Other Association Agreements 
Concerning the Association Multiple Listing Service

Statement 7.20 Relationship of Association with Independent Multiple Listing Service in Association Area

Statement 7.21 Appropriate Procedures for Rules Enforcement

Statement 7.22 The Use of Fines as Part of Rules Enforcement

Statement 7.23 Information Specifying the Compensation on Each Listing Filed with a Multiple Listing Service of an Association of REALTORS®

Statement 7.24 Participation in an Association Multiple Listing Service of a Branch Office Manager Who is Not a Principal of the Real Estate Firm

Statement 7.25 Procedures to be Followed by an Association of REALTORS® Upon Demand for Access to the Association’s Multiple 
Listing Service Without Association Membership 

Statement 7.26 Prerequisites for Participation in, or Access to, a Commercial/Industrial Multiple Listing Service of an Association of REALTORS® 

Statement 7.27 No MLS Requirement for Listing Broker to Disclose Total Negotiated Commission—Deleted 2005

Statement 7.28 Statistical Report Including “Comparables” Should be a Board Service—Merged into Policy Statement 7.3 in 2005

Statement 7.29 Charges for Providing “Comparable Information to Board Members Who Are Not MLS Participants—Merged into Policy Statement 7.3 in 2005

Statement 7.30 “Comparable” Information to Government Agencies—Merged into Policy Statement 7.3 in 2005

Statement 7.31 Lock Box Security Requirements

Statement 7.32 Lock Box Key Deposits

Statement 7.33 Information Related to Listings of Commercial and Industrial Property

Statement 7.34 Reports Relating to the Availability of Mortgage Financing—Deleted 2005

Statement 7.35 Information Included in Any Association MLS Compilation

Statement 7.36 Inclusion of Expired or Withdrawn Listings in an Association’s Comparable Report or Other Report of Statistical Information

Statement 7.37 Protection Clauses in Association MLS Standard Listing Contracts

Statement 7.38 MLS Indoctrination Requirements Relating to Individuals Entitled to Participation Without Association Membership

Statement 7.39 Compilations of Current Listing Information

Statement 7.40 MLS Participation by Brokers Acting As Agents of Potential Purchasers

Statement 7.41 Inclusion of Exclusive Agency Listings in MLS Compilations and Databases 

Statement 7.42 Jurisdiction of Association Multiple Listing Service

Statement 7.43 Waivers of MLS Fees, Dues, and Charges

Statement 7.44 Access to Comparable and Statistical Information—Merged into Policy Statement 7.3 in 2005

Statement 7.45 Assessment of MLS Fees, Dues, and Charges

Statement 7.46 Centralized Key Repositories

Statement 7.47 Minimum Security Measures for Centralized Key Repositories of Association Multiple Listing Services

Statement 7.48 MLS May Permit Participants to Publish, Concurrently With the Offer of Subagency, an Offer to Compensate Buyer Agents—Deleted 1993

Statement 7.49 Use of Property Data Forms to Publish Features of Special Interest to Handicapped or Elderly Individuals—Deleted 2005

Statement 7.50 Definitions of Various Types of Listing Agreements

Statement 7.51 Effective Date of Changes in Multiple Listing Policy

Statement 7.52 Factual Data Supplied by Appraisers

Statement 7.53 Facilitators/Intermediaries as MLS Participants

Statement 7.54 Names of Multiple Listing Services

Statement 7.55 Nonmember Broker/Appraiser Access

Statement 7.56 MLS Defined—Merged into Definitions Section in 2005

Statement 7.57 Categorization of MLS Services, Information, and Products

Statement 7.58 Internet Data Exchange (IDX) Policy

Statement 7.59 Virtual Office Website (VOW) Policy—Deleted 2005

Statement 7.60 Standard Forms

Statement 7.61 Net Listings

Statement 7.62 Open Listings

Statement 7.63 Office Exclusive Listings

Statement 7.64 Withdrawn Listings

Statement 7.65 Listing Prices Specified

Statement 7.66 Termination Dates

Statement 7.67 Listings of Suspended Participants

Statement 7.68 Listings of Expelled Participants

Statement 7.69 Listings of Resigned Participants

Statement 7.70 Showings and Negotiations

Statement 7.71 Presentation of Offers

Statement 7.72 Submission of Offers

Statement 7.73 Rights of Cooperating Brokers and Presentation of Offers

Statement 7.74 Rights of Cooperating Brokers and Presentation of Counter-offers

Statement 7.75 Reporting Sales to the MLS

Statement 7.76 Reporting Resolutions of Contingencies

Statement 7.77 Reporting Cancellation of Pending Sales

Statement 7.78 Lease of MLS Compilation

Statement 7.79 Reproduction of MLS Information

Statement 7.80 Use of MLS Information in Advertising and Other Public Representations

Statement 7.81 Changes in MLS Rules and Regulations

Statement 7.82 Auction Listings

Statement 7.83 Limited Service Listings

Statement 7.84 MLS Entry-only Listings

Statement 7.85 Ownership of Listing and Listing Content

Statement 7.86 Listing Content Defined

Statement 7.87 Transmittal of Participants’ Listings to Aggregators

Statement 7.88 Removal of Listings When Participant Refuses/Fails to Timely Report Status Changes

Statement 7.89 Financial Penalty Not to Exceed $15,000

Statement 7.90 Real Estate Transaction Standards (RETS)

Statement 7.91 Virtual Office Websites: Policy Governing Use of MLS Data in Connection With Internet Brokerage Services Offered by MLS Participants

Statement 7.92 Orientation and Other Training

Statement 7.93 Submission of Photographs or Other Graphic Representations

Statement 7.94 Submission of Legally Required Seller Disclosure Information

Statement 7.95 Price Change Information

Statement 7.96 Days/Time on Market Information

Statement 7.97 Need to Disclose if Property is a Foreclosure, is Bank-owned or is Real Estate Owned (“REO”)

Statement 7.98 Electronic Display of Other Participants’ Listings

Statement 7.99 Digital Millennium Copyright Act, Safe Harbor