Washington-Georgia-Ohio: 2013

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Cover of the Local Market Assessment: Washington/Georgia/Ohio report
  • Washington: The state of Washington has a natural affinity for global business. Its west coast is the closest shore to Asia in the lower 48 states, giving Seattle and Tacoma a day's shipping advantage over Californian ports to the south. Its northern boundary borders Canada. Washington's high tech and manufacturing industries are among the largest exporters in the U.S. while Eastern Washington is one of the country's biggest producers of agricultural exports.
  • Georgia: Among the Southern states, Georgia is an international powerhouse. It ranks as the 12th largest exporting state in the U.S. and ninth in imports. It has aggressively courted foreign direct investment through opening 10 trade offices located throughout Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the Americas. The last four years have produced consecutive milestones in imports and exports.
  • Ohio:Ohio has been a melting pot for the foreign-born for centuries. Immigrant workers played a key role in initially establishing Ohio as one of the manufacturing capitals of the Midwest—and still do. Upon arriving in the U.S., they establish new homes in various ethnic neighborhoods of the great Ohio cities. Waves of immigration, including some from surprising places, have washed upon these cities, ever changing the face of Ohio.