International REALTOR® Member Videos

International REALTOR® Membership
Learn what REALTORS® have experienced and gained as a result of NAR membership. View individual videos below descriptions, or view one comprehensive video.

Baro K. Shalizi, PL to India, discusses the value of the experience and knowledge accumulated in the 100+ year history of NAR, and the difference between being a licensee and a REALTOR®.

Harry DeLeeuw, PL to Canada, discusses the substantial resources available as a result of International REALTOR® membership, including the research, networks, and education.

Maire Rosol, PL to Sweden, discusses the resources available from NAR Research and Library.

Michael Romanovsky, PL to Russia, discusses the importance of being a part of a strong, reputable organization and the benefit of the web site as a knowledge repository.

Oscar Gonzales, PL to Mexico, discusses how NAR facilitates networking opportunities beyond your local market.