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Game Changers Challenge

Congratulations to all who participated in the NAR Game Changer Challenge and enabled NAR to tap into the great potential of our state and local leadership. The ideas chosen represent a broad range of concepts from a diverse group of business leaders, and they demonstrate new and imaginative ways of handling the challenges in REALTOR® association management.

The following ideas will be fully funded by NAR, with guidance provided by the Game Changer panel of consultants:

Front Porch
Missoula County Association of REALTORS®
Front Porch is a software program designed to build online communities and create sustainable relationships between REALTORS®, neighborhoods and neighbors. It will strengthen the REALTOR® public image and provide neighborhood resources.

Bay East Association of REALTORS®
REALTOR® Resume is a software program which will enable associations to create an integrated customer relationship management tool to track member interactions and allow a broker/office manager to view a subset of the data. It also allows agents to edit and maintain a current resume of their education and professional training.

Hero's Welcome Home
Chicago Association of REALTORS® Inc.
The Hero’s Welcome Home project is designed to provide education and insight to REALTORS® working with returning service men and women. The curriculum includes understanding types of war-related disabilities as well as working with various assistance and mortgage programs available to returning veterans.

Regional Alliances
The Regional Alliances project explores successful regional cooperation among local associations based on a formal, collaborative venture of four Chicago area associations to provide higher quality programs through consistency of messages and processes. The sharing of talent, reduction of costs and duplications, faster resolution of issues and a combined political voice benefits all members.

Houston Association of REALTORS®
The REALTOR® Match is a software program providing the consumer with accurate data which will help them in selecting a real estate agent. Realtor Match allows consumer evaluations of the quality of their service from a Realtor® while at the same time screening the information for quality and usefulness.

Virtual AoR
Inland Gateway Association of REALTORS®, Corona, CA
The Virtual REALTOR® Association is a software program which creates a dynamic, interactive online membership experience for REALTORS®, one that is inviting, exciting and stimulating. Delivery of association benefits has been redesigned and enhanced, in order to serve existing members while at the same time attracting new and younger professionals.

I-Learn Education
Institute of Real Estate Management
The I-Learn program is an education delivery system that will bring professional education to our industry through multiple media, individualized formats and schedules. I-Learn will accelerate credentialing and enhance agent performance. Indirectly, it also builds members’ fluency in new and social media, in order to attract and serve younger members.

Broker Listing Cooperative
Metropolitan Indianapolis Board of REALTORS®
The Broker Listing Cooperative® program proposes to offer the trademark term ‘Broker Listing Cooperative’ or ‘BLC’ as a means to develop a national business brand that REALTORS® own and control. In theory, the BLC could be adopted by all participating member MLS as a term to be used when describing what it is and further what it offers, thus preserving the integrity and reputation of the multiple listing system.

Sharing Landscapes
Montana Association of REALTORS®
Sharing Landscapes is an initiative that will utilize best practices and the most current communications strategies, technology and infrastructure to improve two-way communications on important issues within an association. The program will also encourage greater member interest and participation in leadership roles.

Rate Your Experience
Peoria Area Association of REALTORS®
Rate Your Experience is a project involving the creation and operation of a rating which includes all service providers of the real estate transaction including: brokerages, agents, lenders, inspectors, attorneys, title companies, builders, home warranty companies, contractors and moving companies. The ratings will provide a picture of the total transaction experience for the buyer and seller. The site has the potential to be a game changer in the consumer’s service provider selection process in any local market area.

Quick Smart Professional Training
Pinellas REALTORS® Organization, Clearwater, FL
Quick Smart Professional Training for Realtors® will establish a base set of competencies for the practicing professional. The program offers an education and training curriculum that can be adopted by, and customized to, associations, companies and teams in the real estate industry to focus the REALTOR® on the consumer and provide a consistent experience for the consumer.

Auxiliary Membership
Sacramento Association of REALTORS®
The Auxiliary Membership project creates a membership category for consumers in a local REALTOR® association. Membership starts with the seller and is then handed over at closing to the new home owner. Membership benefits include access to an informational website which also briefs these members on legislative issues and other action items. The program also includes attractive gift incentives consumer members, sponsored by affiliate and broker contributions.

RE-Worx Dashboard
West Volusia Association of REALTORS®
The RE-Worx Dashboard is a web-based, custom business application that will be a knowledge and process management tool to organize the many facets of REALTOR® business in one place for easier access, control and personal performance. As a virtual desk, RE-Worx will allow the REALTOR® access to his or her own dashboard from any location with an Internet connection. It’s user-friendly and highly customizable; add or remove applications, personal links and resources.

Realtime Membership Communications
Northwest Mississippi Association of REALTORS®
Realtime Membership Communications is a multi-choice messaging dashboard software program created to allow a single message to be instantly delivered to all Realtor members through the channel of their choice, which is the key to acceptance and participation. Functions in the dashboard will include a log of messages sent by association staff, alert messaging for emergencies and information on key issues.

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