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Game Changers Challenge

Game Changer Challenge Final Reports at NAR Midyear Meetings
May 12, 2010

Final reports were given for each project on May 12, 2010, at the NAR Midyear Meetings. To see final presentations and videos, click on the link to the executive summary page for each project.

Front Porch
Missoula County Association of REALTORS®
Engage the REALTOR®, homeowner, contemporary consumer and community in dialogue to activate positive interactions that enhance the role, value, qualities and stature of great neighborhoods in the overall community dynamic.

Bay East Association of REALTORS®
Reduce costs and challenges associated with managing member relationships while enhancing communications and transparency with membership. Provide tools to members to help them better promote themselves.

Heroes Welcome Home
Chicago Association of REALTORS® Inc.
Assist members in developing professional skills, unite the public community, enhance the REALTOR® image and provide support with other community groups.

Regional Alliances
Create a framework for meaningful cooperation among contiguous Associations while keeping each one separate and autonomous.

Houston Association of REALTORS®
To build a program for use on a public facing web site which will allow consumers to see which Realtors are assisting buyers and/or sellers in the consumer's chosen market area.

Virtual AoR
Inland Gateway Association of REALTORS®, Corona, CA
To create a modern looking and efficient Web site for REALTOR® Associations.

I-Learn Education
Institute of Real Estate Management
Create an expanded range of instructional methods and media for professional education that will enable learners to customize a curriculum to their personal learning styles, technology resources and circumstances.

Broker Listing Cooperative
Metropolitan Indianapolis Board of REALTORS®
Establish a brand that represents the integrity of the data and listings owned by brokerages that can be adopted nationwide.

Sharing Landscapes
Montana Association of REALTORS®
Nearly all solutions created will apply to other state and local associations that are interested in learning and leveraging the results of this initiative.

Rate Your Experience
Peoria Area Association of REALTORS®
Open-source system ensuring that you’ll be able to set it on top of your data sources and use it “out of the box” or customize to meet Association needs.

Quick Smart (Professional Training)
Pinellas REALTORS® Organization, Clearwater, FL
Create a better-trained and more skilled membership and raise the professional behavior of REALTORS® in every market where it exists.

Auxiliary Membership
Sacramento Association of REALTORS®
Differentiate the REALTOR® in the marketplace, engage consumers in legislation affecting private property rights, heighten awareness of consumers of civic work done by REALTORS® and give Members a valuable marketing tool.

RE Worx Dashboard
West Volusia Association of REALTORS®
Enable REALTORS® to be more successful as they perform their roles as conductors of information, lifestyle consultants and transaction managers for their clients.

Realtime Membership
Northwest Mississippi Association of REALTORS®
Create efficient and timely communication with members offering personalized communication and information preferences from their association.

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