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(Updated June 2016)

Looking for a way to reach millennials? Try Snapchat to reach them. Learn Snapchat basics, how to use Snapchat in your digital marketing program, the advantages for real estate businesses, and much more in this Field Guide. (A. Siudzinski, Senior Information Specialist)

How to use Snapchat for Real Estate and Get More Followers, (YouTube, Jan. 6, 2016).

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Snapchat Basics  

Snapchat—Learning the Basics, (Snapchat, n.d.).

Snapchat: Should Your Brand Be Using it?, (Hanson Inc., May 27, 2016).

What in the World is Snapchat?, (KW Blog, May 17, 2016).

How Young Millennials are Using Snapchat, (Daily Real Estate News/REALTOR® Magazine, March 31, 2016).

If You Don’t Know it By Now, (Bloomberg Businessweek, March 7, 2016). E

Snapchat Tips for Newbies, (Katie Lance, March 3, 2016).

Snapchat to the Over-35 set: Embrace the Ghost, (The Seattle Times, Jan. 31, 2016).

Here’s How Snapchat Became Such a Hot Platform for Digital Marketers in So Little Time, (Adweek, Jan. 16, 2016).

2016: The Year Snapchat Explodes Your Business, (Skyler Irvine, Jan. 12, 2016).

Snapchat Marketing Tips From a Millennial, (Breezy Hill Marketing., n.d.).

Snapchat and Real Estate

Snapchat and Real Estate: The Happy Couple, (NOIC, June 7, 2016).

Does Snapchat Make Sense for a Real Estate Business?, (The MAR Report, May 24, 2016).

4 Tips for Real Estate Agents to Crush it on Snapchat, (Housing Wire, May 23, 2016).

The Snapchat Secrets Behind This Agent’s Social Media Success, (PNC Real Estate Newsfeed, March 22, 2016).

How Snapchat Will Revolutionize Marketing in 2016, (RE Blog, Feb. 25, 2016).

The Voice for Real Estate 38: Snapchat for Your Client?, (National Association of REALTORS®, Jan. 26, 2016).

Real Estate Technology: Snapchat Has Revolutionized Property Advertisements, Don’t Get Left Behind, (Realty Today, Jan. 23, 2016).

Oh Snap! Look Who Is on Snapchat Now, (The Phoenix Real Estate Guy, Jan. 8, 2016).

How the Real Estate Industry Can Use Snapchat and Facebook Live Video for Sales, (Gary Vaynerchuk, 2016).

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