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(Updated March 2017)

Do you dare disclose if there is murder or mayhem at your listing? What if the owner was a controversial person? What are the professional and logistical challenges if there is a well-publicized ghost on your next property? Don't despair, help is here! This page offers some creative marketing tools and advice for selling properties with an unsavory past. (A. Siudzinski, Senior Library Information Specialist)

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Video: Valuing Stigmatized Properties

Source: Valuing Stigmatized Properties, (Appraisal Institute, Feb. 15, 2016).

Stigmatized Property Basics

At home with the macabre, (The New York Times, Nov. 24, 2016).

Eerie houses draw  buyers, too, (Mansion Global, Nov. 13, 2016).

How to sell a murder house, according to the expert, (Curbed, Oct. 28, 2016).

Savopoulos mansion sells for $3 million, (The Washington Post, Nov. 6, 2015).

Murder, suicide homes can be tough sell, (Standard Examiner, Sept. 28, 2015).

Is ‘The Watcher” house now as toxic as O.J. Simpson, Amityville Horror homes?, (, July 2, 2015).

Stigmatized ‘murder houses’ come with grisly stories and bargain prices, (, Jan. 11, 2015).

Stigma and Property Value

Lessons from my own stigmatized property, (REALTOR® Magazine, Oct. 2016).

Appraising stigmatized properties: the challenges and opportunities, (The Appraiser’s Home, July 28, 2016).

How homicide affects your home values, (U.S. News & World Report, Jan. 29, 2016).

The murder factor: what homicide does for home values, (Money Talks News, Dec. 9, 2015).

How murder can drop an entire neighborhood’s home values, (Yahoo! Real Estate, Dec. 4, 2015).

Does a gruesome murder lessen a home’s resale value?, (Washingtonian, June 25, 2015).

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Death and disclosure: legal strategies for dealing with stigmatized properties, (October Research Corporation, 2007). HD 1341 R22d

An examination of stigmatized housing in Ohio, (Columbus, OH: Ohio State University, 2000). HD 1341 L32

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