Working a full-time job does not guarantee a family a decent, affordable place to live. Much of our workforce including the people who provide vital services to a community – firefighters, police officers, teachers, health workers – often cannot afford to live in the communities where they work.

Shortages of affordable housing choices close to where families work can lead to longer commutes, sprawl, and traffic congestion that degrade the quality of life for all residents. And when employees leave a community at the end of the work day, it leaves a hole in the social fabric as they take their resources and interactions to another community.

Employer-assisted housing (EAH) is an employer-based benefit that helps employees move beyond the most common homeownership hurdles enabling them to purchase, or rent, a home, often within neighborhoods located near the workplace.

NAR’s Employer-Assisted Housing class focuses on how to work with local employers to discuss employer-assisted housing, EAH’s benefits and three options (homebuyer and homeownership workshops, one-on-one counseling and financial assistance) employers can implement to help their employees become homeowners or afford a home close to work.

Classes are taught by NAR authorized instructors and are hosted by authorized sponsors. Sponsors include state and local REALTOR® associations as well as real estate schools and firms.

If you do not see an upcoming class in your area, you may want to contact your local REALTOR® association or board and ask them to sponsor an EAH class.

EAH Benefits for Your Community

  • Increases the tax base due to rise in homeownership
  • Creates greater employee involvement in the community
  • Stabilizes the community & enhances neighborhood revitalization

Watch the employer-assisted housing benefit video, created by Fannie Mae, to learn more about EAH. Please note that the video was produced when the EAH class was called Home From Work ™, which is now licensed by Fannie Mae.

"Unique Opportunity to Assist Buyers"  - The Employer-Assisted Housing Class is described in the June 2007 issue of Today's Buyer's Rep, (PDF: 285K).

For more information on the EAH class, call Holly Moskerintz at 202-383-1157 or e-mail