Only NAR-authorized instructors can teach the Employer-Assisted Housing (EAH) class. To apply to become an authorized instructor, you need to meet all of the requirements; complete the instructor application and reference forms, and take the EAH class.

If you are approved to become an instructor, you will need to sign the Instructor’s Agreement along with a $50 instructor fee,and join the EAH Class Online Community. 

Here are the steps to become an EAH instructor:

1. Meet the Requirements

Make sure you meet these requirements before submitting your application as applicants who do not meet these requirements will not be considered for review.

  • A minimum of two years of experience as a real estate professional, particularly in listing and sales.
  • Significant teaching experience especially in training real estate professionals,i.e., REBAC classes.
  • Experience in workforce/affordable housing and/or employer-assisted housing.
  • Experience speaking to a medium to large size group.
  • Completion of an instructor training class, i.e. Instructor Training Institute.

2. Take the Employer-Assisted Housing Class

Take the EAH class within six months of submitting your application. If you have taken the EAH class over six months ago, you will need to take the EAH class again. The EAH class will be offered both at NAR's Annual Conference in November and at the Legislative Meetings in May. Local Realtor® Associations may also offer the class.

3. Complete & Submit the Application

You need to complete and submit the Instructor Application  and items listed below. . Incomplete applications will not be considered or reviewed.

  • References:  Have two references submit  the Reference Form
  • Resume: Attach a resume outlining how you meet the requirements.
  • Video:  Attach a brief video (5-10 minutes) of you teaching a class.

4. Staff Follow Up

NAR staff will review your application. Applicants who are approved at this stage will complete and submit the EAH Class test.   The test, 25 questions, will be emailed to you, and is open book. Upon passing the test, NAR staff will schedule a call to review the class logistics and answer any questions you may have.

5. Join the EAH Class Online Communities

You are required to join the EAH class online community for instructors after you are approved to become an instructor. NAR will announce news and updates via the online community. You will also be able to network with other instructors, share your class and training experiences and seek out suggestions and recommendation. You will also be encouraged to join the online community for students. NAR posts EAH and workforce housing news and resources here.

6. Pay the Instructor Fee & Execute the Instructor Agreement

The Instructors Agreement sets forth the instructor requirements, terms, and related expectations NAR has established. You must indicate your acceptance of this agreement by signing and returning it to NAR. You will need to pay the $50 instructor fee first before you receive the Instructor Agreement.

Instructor Term Renewal

If you are approved to become an authorized EAH instructor, you will be authorized to teach the EAH class for two years. Your term can be renewed for another two years provided you teach at least one class during your two-year term and teach at least one class every two years; continue to meet the instructor requirements; and complete the Instructor Renewal Agreement.

Your new term will be renewed for an additional two years beginning with the date your current term ended. If you send in your Instructor Renewal Agreement late, your new term will still begin from when your current term ended.

If you do not meet these requirements, your instructor status will become "inactive" and you will not be able to teach the EAH class. If you want to become an "active" instructor again and teach the class, you will need to complete the Reauthorization Instructor Application, take the EAH Class and submit a list of the classes you taught in the past year..

Authorized Instructors

Authorized EAH class instructors are listed on and will be able to teach the EAH class anywhere the class is offered by an authorized sponsor. Community & Political Affairs Training Sponsors hold the EAH classes and hire the instructors. You will be eligible to receive compensation for the training you provide. The instructor fee is negotiated between you and the sponsor.

You will probably need to market both yourself and the EAH class to sponsors. You may want to encourage your local or state REALTOR® association to become a sponsor and hold a class. NAR will provide you with materials to market the EAH class. The online community will also provide you with a resource to help you promote the EAH class.

For more information, contact or call Holly Moskerintz at or 202-383-1157.


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