Monthly Fair Housing Articles

2018 is the 50th Anniversary of the Fair Housing Act, and NAR has embarked on a year-long commemoration to raise awareness of fair housing issues. These monthly articles examine elements of the Fair Housing Act including its history, its passing, its enforcement, and the obstacles still being encountered in the quest to provide fair housing to all.


NAR Forum Examines Intersection of Americans with Disabilities and Fair Housing Acts

Fair Housing Article

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The Critical Connections Between Housing and Health

2018 FHAC October Article Page One

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After 50 Years, How Much Has Changed?

Hair Housing article Sept 2018

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Housing Opportunity and Educational Achievement

Housing Opportunity & Educational Achievement

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Building Stronger, Healthier Communities for All Through Fair Housing and Equal Opportunities

July 2018 - Fairhousing Report

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Despite the Law’s Original Intent, Not All Groups are Covered by the Fair Housing Act

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Is 50 Years Enough? Why the Fight for Fair Housing Continues, and REALTORS®’ Role in Ensuring Its Success

Fair Housing

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"The First Step in a 1000-mile Journey": How the Dream of a Fair Housing Act Became Reality

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From One Voice to Many: Despite Setbacks and Opposition, How a Growing Chorus Paved the Way to Fair Housing 

March 2018 Fair Housing thumb

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You Can't Live Here: The Enduring Impacts of Restrictive Covenants

You Can't Live Here: The Enduring Impacts of Restrictive Covenants

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Fair Housing: Promises of a Century

Fair Housing: Promises of a Century

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