Fair Housing Commemoration Information

In 2018, the National Association of REALTORS® will join with our partners and allies to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Fair Housing Act. We ask that you pick up this charge and stand together with us in this commitment.

Consider how your association will commemorate the Fair Housing Act. You may want a yearlong campaign, several key events, special promotions, or a combination of these activities. NAR’s commemoration activities will focus on three main elements, which you can use to guide your planning.

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Understanding Fair Housing (January-March 2018)

Understanding how we as a nation are constantly improving our commitment to fair housing and property rights by acknowledging our history and recognizing champions for fair housing. (January - March 2018)

What you can do:

  • Between January and March 2018, focus on local or state history regarding fair housing and property rights.
  • Visit your local historical society, civil rights agency, museums, or conduct online research to learn more about significant fair housing events cases, or leaders connected to your community or state.
  • Find out when your state or municipality adopted its fair housing laws. Share these findings with members and the community.
  • Work with NAR staff to share your story on homeownershipmatters.realtor for a chance to be featured on the site.
  • Remember to use a variety of communication and social media channels to share information with your members and the public.

Commemorating the Passage of the Fair Housing Act (April-May 2018)

Commemorating the passage of the Fair Housing Act and actions to realize the promise of the law (April - May 2018)

What you can do:

  • In April and May, focus on the Fair Housing Act, its passage, and efforts to implement the law.
  • Reach out to local fair housing centers and chapters of the multicultural real estate organizations to identify ways to work together.
  • Provide information to members about the association’s decisions to either adopt or oppose early NAR Fair Housing Programs like the Code for Equal Opportunity or the Voluntary Affirmative Marketing Agreement.
  • Provide information to members and the public about protected classes in your state or locality, and explain which agencies promote and enforce fair housing laws.
  • Educate members about the ways equal opportunity relates to your association’s efforts to promote homeownership. Include information about homeownership rates among different population groups and what is being done to increase parity.

Addressing Fair Housing Issues (June-December 2018)

Embracing our role in the forefront of advancing fair housing and leading efforts to address community fair housing issues. (June - December 2018)

What you can do:

  • From June through December, consider the issues affecting housing opportunity and choice in your state and community.
  • Provide opportunities for members and the public to discuss topics such as how school quality, healthy neighborhoods and economic opportunity affect housing choices. Are there significant differences in these categories in communities with minority or multicultural populations?
  • Seek out information about the extent to which homebuyers and tenants encounter discrimination in their housing search today. Are there groups who experience discrimination in your market area – such as veterans or the LGBTQ population – but are not protected by law.
  • Disseminate research and articles that describe how housing intersects with schools, health and economic opportunity.
  • Collaborate with local fair housing centers and chapters of multicultural real estate organizations.

Communication Resources

To assist Associations and REALTORS® in sharing the story of the importance of Fair Housing in our industry and in our communities, NAR has created a variety of Communication Resources that underscore how Fair Housing Makes Us Stronger. 

Additional NAR Fair Housing Resources

NAR Fair Housing Publications for Purchase