iOi Summit 2019 Highlights

2019 Welcome Address

Watch Bob Goldberg, NAR's Chief Executive Officer and John Smaby, NAR's 2019 President, deliver the welcome address and opening session at iOi Summit. 

Innovation: Trends & Predictions

Watch Bob Goldberg discuss industry predictions and trends with three of the industry's most well respected and knowledgeable leaders: Marilyn Wilson, Managing Partner of WAV Group, Stefan Swanepoel, Chairman & CEO of T3 Sixty, and Brad Inman, Chairman of the Board of Inman. 

Innovation in an Experience Economy

Watch as Tyler Thompson, Managing Partner of Second Century Ventures, interviews three entrepreneurs, Kori Covigaru, CEO of PlanOmatic, Molly McKinley, CEO & Founder of Intentionaliteas, and Morgan Carey, CEO of Real Estate Webmasters, to discover the soft-skills required to operate & grow incredible companies in today's economy. Spoiler alert: It takes heart. 

Predicting What Every Home Owner Will Do Next (Starting with Listing Their Home)

Watch Founder, Rich Swier, present on Predicting What Every Home Owner Will Do Next (Starting with Listing Their Home) at iOi Summit 2019 in Seattle, WA.

Since 2012, has been a leader in Big Data and Predictive Analytics for real estate agents and brokerages nationwide. serves thousands of real estate professionals from major national franchise brands and large independent real estate brokerages across the U.S.

iOi Pitch Battle

Day One Recap with Brian Copeland

Brian Copeland, 2019 Vice President of Association Affairs, National Association of REALTORS® presents Day 1 Recap from iOi Summit in Seattle, WA.

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Download Dan Siegler's presentation:  The Emerging Homebuyer (PDF: 49 MB)

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  • Dan Siegler is Head of Industry - Real Estate & Automotive, Google