Q:  Can I bring a guest?

A: You are welcome to travel with a companion(s).  NAR can accommodate one guest per member at each of the evening events.  If you plan to bring a guest, please be sure that you indicated as such on the registration form.  Additionally, please note that any additional guest rooms will be at the expense of the member or guest.

Q:  What is the conference dress code?

A: Dress is business casual, which means dressing professionally, looking relaxed yet neat and pulled together.

Q:  What will the weather be like?

A: Plan for weather before you arrive by checking the local forecast. Average temperature for Williamsburg in mid-December is around 50 degrees. 

Q: How do I know which meeting or event I need to attend?

A: Please refer to the schedule page. If you still have questions regarding your role, please contact the staff(s) responsible for either your program or committee.

Q:   When should I arrive and depart from Williamsburg, VA?

A:  Please refer to the attendee chart and note your arrival and departure date. If you still have questions about your arrival please contact your respective NAR Staff Executive.

Q: Can I stay for additional nights?

A: If you’d like to extend your stay outside of the allotted conference dates, please contact Stephanie Quinn.

Q:  How do I submit my expenses after my trip is complete?

A:  Copies of member expense reports will be available at the conference registration desk. If you do not have a chance to pick up an expense report during the meetings, please contact your NAR Staff Executive and s/he will send you a member expense report and appropriate next steps.

Q:  What costs are covered by NAR?

A:  The following costs are covered by NAR:

  • Hotel lodging for the duration of the meetings (please note: incidentals are covered by the member during his/her stay)
  • Wireless internet in guest rooms & meeting space
  • Meals during various meetings
  • Coach class airfare
  • Ground transportation costs
  • One ticket to Colonial Williamsburg’s Historical Area per person/per length of stay