Learn More About the Event Planner

Building your own customized schedule for the REALTORŪ Party Convention & Trade Expo is now smarter and easier than ever. There are great benefits to creating your personalized NAR Event Planner.

Use your Event Planner to:
  • Easily identify and set aside time for REALTORSŪ committee meetings, events and other scheduled activities that will shape the real estate industry and advance your business. The system will automatically update your Event Planner with any changes to the title, time, or location of the events you have selected.

  • Create personal event records and seamlessly integrate them with official events and meetings you save into your schedule.

  • Coordinate schedules and strategies with an “E-Mail your schedule” function that allows you to share items.

  • Print out your personalized schedule just before you go to the REALTORSŪ Conference to keep yourself organized.
You can set up your own Event Planner in seconds – just enter a unique user name and your e-mail address, and you’ll be ready to get started. No complicated sign-up form or lengthy processing time.

You’ll add items directly from their description pages with just a click. They will automatically appear in your Event Planner in chronological order, regardless of when or in what sequence you saved them. This makes it very easy to add new items when you check back for recently confirmed REALTORSŪ Conference programs.

Looking for step-by-step instructions on how to use the Event Planner? Check out our Event Planner Help page.

(Please note: Creating an Event Planner and/or saving items to it does not register you for the REALTORŪ Party Convention & Trade Expo or any of its events or meetings. Visit the Midyear Registration page for more information.)