REALTOR AE Magazine, Fall 2006 Contents

Hot Topics, Hot Speakers, Hot Ticket
Outstanding speakers—those that deliver practical tips, motivate, and inspire—are the cornerstone of a successful event.
By Karen Jones

Cashing In on Events
As the real estate market cools, associations fear losing members—
and their dues dollars. Can event revenue fill the gap?
By Elaine Gast

Are Picnics PassÚ?
As younger Realtors« fill the ranks, beloved leisurely face-to-face social events largely have fallen by the wayside and replaced by business-focused happy hours.
By Bridget McCrea

Chair Report:Commitments, Progress, and Pride
By Robert E. Golden

Executive Briefing: Association News and Events

Standout Marketing Event Promos
With tips on copywriting and desigining
By Carolyn Schwaar

Legal Update: Speaker Contracts
Protect your association from speakers who disappoint by drafting a smart contract. Here's how.
By Marion Hanson

Technology: Are You Ready for Virtual Events
Thanks to a growing variety of virtual-event software vendors, a more receptive (and time-crunched) audience, and statistics that show massive time and money savings for exhibitors, sponsors, and attendees alike, virtual events are becoming viable options for associations.
By Masha Zager

Hot Squabbles: Trends in REALTOR Dispute Resolution
As the average real estate practitioner’s economic outlook starts to dim in light of the industry cool down, some associations are experiencing an upsurge in Realtors« going head-to-head against one another in disputes over issues ranging from commission splits to client agreements.
By Lisa Holton

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