Team Leadership for Maximum Performance

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Today's team leaders must deal with a myriad of challenges, such as managing turnover, training and mentoring - in addition to running a successful and profitable business. To be successful, you must develop and implement a leadership strategy that addresses these challenges and have the flexibility to adapt to different personalities and different situations. Learning Objectives:
  • Understand and evaluate your leadership style
  • Realize that whatever position you fill requires specific characteristics and competencies
  • Identify and implement the critical elements of a learning program
  • Understand the difference between managing independent contractors and employees
  • Develop the skills necessary to coach, mentor and hold people accountable so team members are aligned with the team culture
  • Understand and adjust your leadership style based on the individual and the situation
  • Align your recruiting and retention strategy as part of the sales development process
  • Harness performance strategies to ensure your team reaches its full potential

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