Financing and Loan Analysis for Investment Real Estate (ASM 603)

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Institute of Real Estate Management
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Classroom: 2 days; Online 3-5 hours
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Certified Property Manager® (CPM®)

While it may not seem important on a day to day basis, understanding financial concepts can help you build value and increase income for your business holdings. Let's be honest. Fluctuations in the financial and real estate market are inevitable. But with this course, you'll learn to produce higher revenue for your portfolio - despite the turbulence of the market.

  • Financing and Where to Get it. Public and private lenders, lender perceptions and requirements.
  • Loan Structure and Fees. You'll learn about common loan types and detail the elements of a loan package used to secure financing
  • Loan Calculation. Compare financial calculation tools, calculate principal and interest, and understand effective interest rate.
  • Here's the important part : Loan analysis. Your value to clients and employers will multiply exponentially when you can determine leverage position and conduct a break-even analysis.

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