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Managing Maintenance Operations and Property Risk (MNT 402)

Develop a first-rate, proactive, and sustainable property maintenance and risk management program by learning the specifics of planning, implementing, and montoring property maintenance operations.

What you will learn:
  • Maintenance and risk management programs. Establishing a maintenance and risk management program that aligns with owner's goals, maintenance and risk management objectives and policies and procedures, developing a maintenance budget
  • Inspection and risk analysis. Importance of assessment and inspection to identify maintenance needs and address risks, maintenance and risk management techniques, minimizing risks and hazards, planning considerations, types of insurance coverage
  • Major building mechanicals and systems.Guidelines and procedures for key building components and systems
  • Maintenance management. Job specifications and evaluating bids, ethics in the bidding process, contractor negotiations and features of a contract, strategies for managing contractors and maintenance activities
  • Sustainability. Maintenance inefficiences and opportunities, utility bill analysis, energy and water conservation strategies
  • Emergency and disaster planning. Safety and emergency needs, preparations and plans, post-disaster response, business continuity plans

Institute of Real Estate Management
Course Length:   
Classroom: 2 days; Online: 4 -6 hours
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This is one of the REQUIRED courses to obtain the CPM Designation.

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