About At Home With Diversity
Certification Program

    NAR's At Home with Diversity Class is offered exclusively by licensed course sponsors using instructors authorized by NAR. If you are interested in offering this course, please review the following information:

    1. Course length: At Home with Diversity is a six plus hour course.

    2. Sponsor and Session Fees: NAR charges fees to become a sponsor of the Course and to hold a Course session. The fee to become a Course sponsor is $150 and the Sponsorship License is good for two years. The Course fee is $100 for either session 1 or session 2. If however you would like to offer both sessions 1 and 2 for a certificate course, the fee is only $150. Royalty fees are included in this cost. Course sponsors can call to order certificates once they know how many students they will have. Course sponsors set their fees to cover any expenses associated with sponsoring the course.

    3. Class size: The course is designed for classes of 20 to 25 students. Classes smaller than 10 or larger than 35 require modification of several exercises.

    4. Recordkeeping: Course sponsors are required to keep records for each student who has taken the course and for each certificate issued. In addition, course sponsors must complete an electronic record for each student and certificate holder. Hard copies of records must be maintained by the course sponsor for 2 1/2 years and provided to NAR upon request.

    5. Advance Publicity: Course sponsors are required to contact NAR with the date, time, place and contact information for each course offered. This information should be made available to NAR as soon after the course is scheduled. NAR posts course schedules on REALTOR.org/diversity

    6. Becoming a Course Sponsor: Course sponsors must purchase a two year license to offer the course and sign a detailed agreement governing that license.

    7. Finding Instructors: Course sponsors are responsible for finding an authorized instructor to teach the course. A course sponsor may also become an authorized instructor.

    8. Becoming an Authorized Instructor: Instructors must complete an "At Home with Diversity Train-the-Trainer" session in order to be authorized to teach the "At Home with Diversity" course.

    Download and complete the Application for Instructor Training (201K PDF file).

    9. Contact us: call 202-383-1201 or email diversity@realtors.org.

    Note: To read a PDF file you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer - it's available free from Adobe Systems.

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