• Only REALTOR® associations at the state and local level and the National Association of REALTORS® have permission to use these materials as advertising. Since this is a member campaign, all members must be able to benefit from it equally. Therefore, no individual members or real estate brokerages may customize these materials to advertise themselves; REALTORS® can use the standard materials as handouts and place the digital and radio ads on their websites. 
  • The Web banners cannot be altered in any way and radio and digital ads must remain as they are originally produced. The print materials can only be altered by state and local associations as allowed by any customization options found in the Ad Center. Individual members and brokerages may not alter or customize the print material in any way. 
  • Members and member boards may not use the Get Realtor® Logo. Through membership in NAR, members and member boards receive a limited license to use the REALTOR® Marks. The license governing members’ and member boards’ uses of those marks includes certain rules that must be followed. Those rules only permit members’ and member boards’ use of the REALTOR®, REALTORS®, REALTOR-ASSOCIATE®, and Block “R” Logo. 
  • Contact NAR’s Jane Dollinger with any questions on the Consumer Advertising Campaign and/or associated materials at 202-383-1042 or jdollinger@realtors.org