Honor Roll of Contributions

BGCA logoThe National Association of REALTORS® and Boys & Girls Clubs of America (BGCA) THANK YOU for making a difference in the lives of youth in your community by making a donation to BGCA and your local Boys & Girls Club.

Below is a list of Associations, companies, and individual members who have made a donation to their local Boys & Girls Clubs through March 2018*:

Althea Gumbs

Amy Land-deWilde

Ava Gail Bourbon

Billings Association of REALTORS®

Boise Regional REALTORS®

Bryan-College Station Regional Association of REALTORS®

Bryony Locher

Buffalo Niagara Association of REALTORS®

C.G. Jones

Car Gotts

Charlottesville Area Association of REALTORS®

Chicago Association of REALTORS®

Cobb Association of REALTORS®

Dale Ross

David “Greg” Hamilton

David Fedeles

Dearborn Area Board of REALTORS®

Debby Babb

Denise McCormick

Dennis & Elaine Cronk

Diane Burns

Dianne Canegata-O’Reilly

Eastern Bergen County Association of REALTORS®

Elko County Board of REALTORS®

Ereen Howard

Fourtunata Pascal

Golden Isles Association of REALTORS® & Multiple Listing Service, Inc.

Greater Bangor Association of REALTORS®

Greater Northwestern Indiana Association of REALTORS®

Greater Owensboro REALTOR® Association

Greater Piedmont Area Association of REALTORS®

Greater Providence Board of REALTORS®

Greater Scranton Board of REALTORS®

High Desert Association of REALTORS®

Hilton Head Area Association of REALTORS®

Hodnett Cooper Real Estate


Isabel Brade

Jack Daigle

Janine Norvick

Jefferson City Board of REALTORS®

Joel and Pat Kaplan

Joseph Thayer

Joyce O’Reilly

Judy Lambert

Julie Rasmussen

Julie Youngblood

Kansas Association of REALTORS®

Keller Williams, The Patty Turner GroupKim Lucas

Lake Country Board of REALTORS®

Lakeland REALTORS®

Lakes Area REALTORS® Association

Lana Homnick Lee

Lorine Williams

Margaret Murphy

Marjorie Robbins

Megan Warren

Memphis Area Association of REALTORS®

Missouri REALTORS®

National Association of REALTORS® — Government Affairs Department

Nevada Association of REALTORS®

New Haven Middlesex Association of REALTORS®

Northeast South Dakota Association of REALTORS®

Northeast Tennessee Association of REALTORS®

Northern California Commercial Association of REALTORS®

Northern Kentucky Association of REALTORS®

Northern Virginia Association of REALTORS®

NW Montana Association of REALTORS®

Orlando Regional REALTOR® Association

Osceola Association of REALTORS®

Ozark Gateway Association of REALTORS®

Pamela McFadden

Patrice Kelly

Plymouth and South Shore Association of REALTORS®

Point B. Realty, LLC

Racquel Toyozaki

Real Estate Buyers Agent Council (REBAC)

REALTOR® Association of Central Indiana

Rebecca McKenna-Inman

Ron Johnson

Saint Paul Area Association of REALTORS®

SentriLock, LLC

Sharon Early

Showcase Realty, LLC

Southeast Missouri REALTORS®

Southwest Indiana Association of REALTORS® Young Professionals Network

St. Augustine & St. Johns County Board of REALTORS®

St. Cloud Area Association of REALTORS® 

St. Croix Board of REALTORS®


Suncoast Regional YPN

Susan Telliard

Tallahassee Board of REALTORS®

Tammy Londer

Teresa Chapman

The Greater Lakes Association of REALTORS®

Tom Salomone and the 2016 NAR Liaisons

Tomp Litchfield

Yessenia Cruz

Did we miss you? If you made a donation to BGCA or a local Club between September 2015 and the present day, please notify us at narbgca@realtors.org.

If you or your Association would like to make a monetary contribution to Boys & Girls Clubs of America, you can do so by clicking the button below. All donations, even to a local Club, should be made through the national BGCA website, where you will be able to direct your donation dollars appropriately. No matter the size of your donation or how it was collected (e.g., via a fundraiser or individual contribution), the funds should be made through the national BGCA organization donation site so they can properly track all donations and NAR can add you to our online "Honor Roll of Contributions."


Please note that making a monetary donation does not meet your Community Outreach requirements, but does make a difference in the lives of your local Club Kids.

*Per the BGCA donation link.


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