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The federal budget deal passed by Congress and now on its way to the President’s desk contains a number of wins for real estate, including a temporary extension of federal flood insurance and extension of several National Association of Realtors®-backed tax provisions.

NAR President Elizabeth Mendenhall issued the following statement:

“The National Association of...

The National Association of REALTORS® estimates that home prices will increase in the U.S. around 2 percent on average in 2018, but some individual states are predicted to see more growth or in sames cases decreases. Here is an infographic highlighting some of the states where housing prices are expected to rise and fall the most this year:


The New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles have had two weeks to rest, strategize and get pumped up for Sunday’s big game in Minneapolis. Here’s a look at how home prices have moved from the last time – in February 2005 – these two teams played each other in the championship game:

Philadelphia                                                            New England


Winter lovers and haters come together on the second day of February every year to see Punxsutawney Phil climb out of his hole and cast his prediction for how much longer before the snow and ice slowly makes way for green lawns and chirpy birds.

Can a groundhog and his shadow also predict the direction of existing-home sales and prices in the year ahead? You decide. Here is what...

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit has reinstated its prior holding that payments for bona fide services provided and made at fair market value do not violate the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act, or RESPA. This decision reinforces NAR’s support of marketing service agreements.

NAR President Elizabeth Mendenhall applauded the decision and issued the following statement...


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