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NAR and DocuSign Discuss the Future of Real Estate Tech Together

NAR CEO Bob Goldberg sat down with DocuSign Chief Product Officer Ron Hirson during NAR’s inaugural Innovation, Opportunity & Investment Summit in San Francisco. To an audience of more than 500 innovators, investors and Realtors®, the discussion focused on DocuSign’s journey from start-up to IPO, and how partnering with NAR helped shape their product and organizational success.

“As we gather for iOi in San Francisco, it is fitting to look back at the successes of DocuSign, one of the first strategic investments NAR made. DocuSign, along with 50 other companies NAR has invested in, is a part of NAR’s goal of ensuring the success of our members by providing resources and technologies that benefit Realtors®,” said NAR CEO Bob Goldberg.

Hirson shared his vision for the future and ways NAR helped jump-start the platform and effectively improve user experience. “Partnering with NAR is a huge reason why DocuSign has been as successful as we are today. This partnership has helped the company evolve and real estate has been a foundation for the platform. DocuSign is continually building on its history of serving real estate brokers, agents, buyers, and sellers by providing better, faster, more convenient and secure ways to close transactions,” said Hirson.

DocuSign is the official and exclusive e-signature provider to NAR’s 1.3 million members through its REALTOR Benefits® Program. DocuSign offers Realtors® specially priced e-signature and transaction management plans tailored to help accelerate the way they do business.


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