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OCC Extension of Bank Powers: Timeline

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06/13/2007House Committee on Financial Services Hearing - Improving Federal Consumer Protection in Financial Services
10/30/2006OCC Issues Another Bank Premises Opinion Involving Real Estate Development
The Washington Report
10/01/2006Hot Topics Issue #3: National Policy Against Mixing Banking and Commerce
(PDF, 343K)
09/27/2006NAR's Testimony Before the House Government Reform Subcommittee on Government Management, Finance and Accountability
(160K PDF)(Testimony)
09/27/2006Congressional Statement of Cynthia Shelton, CCIM, CRE, on Behalf of the REALTORS® Commercial Alliance
(PDF, 37K)(Testimony)
07/12/2006NAR To Congress: Fix Loophole That Permits Commercial Firms To Own Banks
(News Release)
07/10/2006NAR Congratulates New Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson
(PDF, 107K)(Letter)
07/10/2006NAR President Congratulates New Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson
(News Release)
07/01/2006Banking-Related Activities in States - July 2006 Issue
05/17/2006Congress Casts Wary Eye on Bank Powers Expansion
(News Release)
05/16/2006NAR President: "Congress is Watching the OCC"
(News Release)
04/01/2006Banking-Related Activities in States - April 2006 Issue
03/10/2006Commercial Members Asked to Step Up their Efforts on OCC Rulings
(News Release)
03/08/2006JPMorgan Backs Down From Real Estate Deal
(News Release)
03/03/2006NAR Asks OCC for Clarification of Windmill Letter 2
(News Release)
03/03/2006NAR Asks OCC for Clarification of Windmill Letter
(PDF, 94K)(Letter)
03/02/2006OCC's response to NAR's Letter dated February 16, 2006
(PDF, 588K)(Letter)
03/01/2006NAR draws line on bank moves
(News Release)
03/01/2006Q&A: Keeping Banks Out of Real Estate
02/24/2006Realtors: PNC project crosses the line
02/24/2006Pittsburgh Condo Deal Puts Banks Into Residential Real Estate
(News Release)
02/17/2006Letter to the Editor: "Realty Rulings Raise Specter of S & L Crash"
(PDF, 12K)(Letter)
02/17/2006NAR President Meets With OCC's Dugan
(News Release)
02/16/2006NAR's Response to OCC's Reply - Re: January 27, 2006 NAR Letter
(PDF, 124K)(Letter)
02/07/2006NAR President Seeks to Discuss Bank Powers with Secretary Snow
(News Release)
02/03/2006Senate Banking/House Financial Services Committees on OCC Rulings
(PDF, 231K)(Letter)
02/02/2006Legislators Split in Fight Between Bankers, OCC
(News Release)
02/01/2006Needed: A Defining Moment
(PDF, 37K)(News Release)
02/01/2006NAR's Letter of Congratulations to Chairman Bernanke
(PDF, 106K)(Letter)
02/01/2006Banking-Related Activities in States - February 2006 Issue

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