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The Dangers of Mixing Banking and Commerce: Timeline

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01/30/2009Letter to the U.S. Senate Urging Members to cosponsor S. 356 - the Community Choice in Real Estate Act
(PDF: 62K)(Letter)
11/21/2008NAR's letter urging the Federal Reserve to apply special scrutiny when it considers the application of GMAC to become a bank holding company
(PDF, 93K)(Letter)
07/18/2007Rep. Kanjorski says "Pass H.R. 111"
(PDF, 145K)(Letter)
01/31/2007NAR President Thanks FDIC for Extending the Moratorium on ILC Applications by Commercial Firms
(PDF, 98K)(Letter)
10/10/2006NAR's Response to FDIC's 12 ILC Questions
(PDF, 136K)(Letter)
09/01/2006NAR's Brief in Watters v. Wachovia, Re: Preemption of State Real Estate Lending and Banking Laws
(PDF, 190K)(Letter)
07/10/2006NAR Congratulates New Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson
(PDF, 107K)(Letter)
06/28/2006NAR's Letter to Chairman Bair
(PDF, 90K)(Letter)
06/26/2006NAR's FOIA Request to FDIC on Home Depot's ILC Application to Acquire EnerBank USA
(PDF, 93K)(Letter)
06/09/2006Letter to Chairman Bernanke on the Home Depot Notice of Change in Control
(PDF, 99K)(Letter)
06/05/2006NAR's Letter to FDIC on the Interagency Notice of Change in Control Filed by Home Depot
(PDF, 101K)(Letter)
05/04/2006NAR's Additional Comments to FDIC on Wal-Mart Bank Application
(PDF, 97K)(Letter)
03/03/2006NAR Asks OCC for Clarification of Windmill Letter
(PDF, 94K)(Letter)
03/02/2006OCC's response to NAR's Letter dated February 16, 2006
(PDF, 588K)(Letter)
02/23/2006NAR's Letter to FDIC Chairman Gruenberg
(PDF, 90K)(Letter)
02/17/2006Letter to the Editor: "Realty Rulings Raise Specter of S & L Crash"
(PDF, 12K)(Letter)
02/16/2006NAR's Response to OCC's Reply - Re: January 27, 2006 NAR Letter
(PDF, 124K)(Letter)
02/07/2006Letter to Treasury Secretary John Snow
(PDF, 105K)(Letter)
02/03/2006Senate Banking/House Financial Services Committees on OCC Rulings
(PDF, 231K)(Letter)
02/01/2006NAR's Letter of Congratulations to Chairman Bernanke
(PDF, 106K)(Letter)
01/31/2006OCC's Response to NAR's Letter dated January 27, 2006
(PDF, 1.1M)(Letter)
01/27/2006Letter to Comptroller of the Currency John C. Dungan
(PDF, 157K)(Letter)
01/17/2006NAR's Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Request with OCC
(PDF, 83K)(Letter)

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