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Banks in Real Estate: Timeline

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02/02/2009Realtors® Recognize Importance of Keeping Big Banks Out of Real Estate
(News Release)
01/30/2009Letter to the U.S. Senate Urging Members to cosponsor S. 356 - the Community Choice in Real Estate Act
(PDF: 62K)(Letter)
11/21/2008NAR's letter urging the Federal Reserve to apply special scrutiny when it considers the application of GMAC to become a bank holding company
(PDF, 93K)(Letter)
11/21/2008Maintaining Separation of Banking and Commerce is Critical, Say Realtors®
(News Release)
07/18/2007Rep. Kanjorski says "Pass H.R. 111"
(PDF, 145K)(Letter)
07/12/2007Senate Appropriations Committee Approves Permanent Ban on Banks in Real Estate
The Washington Report
06/11/2007House Appropriations Committee Approves Ban on Banks in Real Estate
The Washington Report
06/05/2007House Appropriations Subcommittee Approves Ban on Banks in Real Estate
The Washington Report
02/20/2007CNBC: Clinton Introduces Banks in Real Estate Legislation, Jerry Giovaniello Interviewed
01/29/2007Senate Moves to Protect Consumers by Prohibiting Banks from Entering Real Estate Brokerage
(News Release)
01/05/2007Protecting Consumers from Banks Entering Real Estate Brokerage is NAR Priority
(News Release)
10/01/2006Hot Topics Issue #3: National Policy Against Mixing Banking and Commerce
(PDF, 343K)
09/01/2006NAR's Brief in Watters v. Wachovia, Re: Preemption of State Real Estate Lending and Banking Laws
(PDF, 190K)(Letter)
07/10/2006NAR Congratulates New Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson
(PDF, 107K)(Letter)
07/10/2006NAR President Congratulates New Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson
(News Release)
07/01/2006Banking-Related Activities in States - July 2006 Issue
04/01/2006Banking-Related Activities in States - April 2006 Issue
02/16/2006Call for Action: Ask Your Member of Congress to Help Stop the Expansion of Banks in Real Estate Actitivies
02/01/2006Needed: A Defining Moment
(PDF, 37K)(News Release)
02/01/2006NAR's Letter of Congratulations to Chairman Bernanke
(PDF, 106K)(Letter)
02/01/2006Banking-Related Activities in States - February 2006 Issue
12/01/2005Survey Illustrates Why Banks Should Stay Out of Real Estate
12/01/2005Banking-Related Activities in States - December 2005 Issue
11/30/2005One Year Prohibition on Banks in Real Estate Enacted
10/20/2005Senate Passes Appropriations Bill With Permanent Ban on Banks in Real Estate
09/13/2005New 12 Market Study Finds That Real Estate Competition Is Fierce
09/01/2005Banking-Related Activities in States - September 2005 Issue
07/01/2005Banking-Related Activities in States - July 2005 Issue
06/16/2005Community Choice Supporters Call for Vote on NAR-Backed Bill
06/15/2005Oxley, Frank Release Banks in Real Estate Appropriations Letter

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