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Where are Global Buyers Searching in the United States?

January 27, 2017

New data from® offers more comprehensive reporting to display true market interest of global buyers searching in the United States. The graphs below show the countries searching U.S. properties, and which U.S. cities were of most interest to them.


The default view in the above graphic shows the propensity for international traffic of individual U.S. markets. The propensity index means that these markets are X% (the exact percentage depends on the market and varies by month) more likely to have international traffic relative to the U.S. overall. This type of index is often used by marketers to understand which markets offer the most reach.    

Right above the “Top Markets for International Traffic” header, you will see “CBSA ALL DASH and “TOP 20 DASH.” Click Top 20 Dash to get a closer look at each Metro area and which countries are searching them most frequently. This index highlights the markets with the most international visits, the markets with the highest share of international traffic, and propensity for traffic relative to the U.S. overall. Click on the individual metro area to see which countries are searching in those specific markets.  

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Data is updated monthly on the second week of each month.

Download a .pdf of this information. (PDF 1.64 MB)