Vote for Your Favorite Boost Your Roost Contest Finalist

The Contest

Thousands of entries were submitted for HouseLogic's "Boost Your Roost" contest, which will award the winner a $20,000 home renovation and the starring role in a series of web videos, produced this fall, documenting the project from start to finish. The entries have been narrowed down to six finalists. Anyone can vote, and each visitor to HouseLogic can cast one vote per day, through August 13. The winner will be announced on August 20.

The Finalists

Dawn and Alex Williams - Kitchen Renovation

Pensacola, Florida

Dawn and Alex want to turn their crumbling kitchen into a place where family and friends will want to gather and where family memories will be made.

Possible upgrades: new cabinets and counter surfaces; updated appliances; remove tiling to expose original hardwood floors

Dez and Megan Vitale - Accessible Backyard Patio

St. Louis, Missouri

Dez and Megan would like to transform the surface of their patio to one that their three-year-old daughter, who has cerebral palsy, can navigate easily and safely.

Possible upgrades: no-slip tile; fire pit; accessibility ramps; landscaping

Rory Fancler and Doug Splitt - Bathroom Renovation

Aurora, Illinois

Rory and Doug are looking to take their bathroom from grungy, moldy eyesore to a bright, modern, clean space.

Possible upgrades: new vanity and sink fixtures; shower door; light fixture and heat lamp; the walls and trim painted; new flooring; remove the stair by the bathtub

Clara & Brantley Hightower - Screened-In Porch

San Antonio, Texas

Clara and Brantley want a new porch, to expand the livable space in their home and to make an inviting space in which they can entertain their friends and let their daughter enjoy the outdoors.

Possible upgrades: a landscaped courtyard using container plants to separate the screened porch from the bedroom wing of the house, allowing existing windows to open into the courtyard; an outdoor curtain to protect from the late afternoon sun; a ceiling fan

Allison and Aaron Smith - Wheelchair-Accessible Backyard

Santa Maria, California

For Allison, nothing would be better than to give her disabled husband a backyard that's completely wheelchair-accessible, where they can plant a garden, entertain friends and family, and play with their son and dog.

Possible upgrades: plantings, including fruit trees; meandering, wheelchair-friendly pathways; a seating area; removal of part of a fence to open up the space

Tara Roy - Attic Family Room

Bangor, Maine

With five wonderful kids, Tara wants to convert an unfinished attic into a 700-plus square foot room the whole family can enjoy.

Possible upgrades: drywall (maintaining dramatic ceiling height); lighting; modern electrical; a finished floor; trim and paint; replace the old windows on an interior wall to let in additional light from the stairway landing; add built-in storage to maximize knee wall space

Go to HouseLogic to see pictures of the spaces for these renovations and vote for your favorite Boost Your Roost project, and invite your clients to do the same.