Analyzing Your Company for Profit

Course Length: 
2-day course
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3 CRB Credits

Designation or Certification: 
Certified Real Estate Brokerage Manager (CRB)
Understanding your company’s financials is VITAL for measuring profitability and growth, for creating an annual budget and making long-term plans. Do you know which financial statements you need to review and how you should you analyze them? When your profit margin is not where it needs to be, do you know what you need to do to turn things around? Do you know EXACTLY what your company is worth today?

This advanced level, two-day workshop is like a bringing a financial consultant to your company! Using case studies of current real estate brokerage firms, you will learn methods and processes for analyzing your company’s financial operations and determining the value of your business. You’ll gain practical understanding of the relationship between gross commission income, variable expenses, fixed expenses, and profit. You’ll learn how to identify problems that block profit and how to develop specific solutions through exercises, brainstorming and discussion.

Attend this course and you'll gain an advanced understanding of income and expenses, and NEW ideas on how to make your company more profitable!
  • Uncover the reasons why your company may be struggling to make a profit.
  • Develop possible solutions for each type of profit blocking problem.
  • Choose the correct line item expense maximum standards for your company.
  • Calculate the financial risk analysis ratios to analyze the financial trends and health of your business.
  • Study best practices for paying compensation to sales associates.
  • Forecast income and budget expenses for the next full year to guarantee a profit.
  • List components that will add value to your company.

Whether you are preparing to sell your business or simply want to better understand your company’s financial position, this course is for you!