REALTOR® Party Immersion Day at AE Institute

Start Date:03/21/2014
End Date:03/21/2014
Event Description:Familiar with the REALTOR® Party but haven't had time to figure out how you fit in? This full day (8:30 - 5pm) workshop will help you identify your role as the REALTOR® organization shifts to focus more on state and local advocacy and outreach efforts. Learn from other AEs how REALTOR® Party programs worked easily and successfully at their associations, small and large. Lunch will be provided. Attendance is limited to 100. Reserve your spot when you register online to attend the AE Institute. Registration for this session is free. Participation will earn you 6 points on your RCE ADF!
Event Type:Event
Contact Name:Kyle Lambert London
Contact Phone:202-383-1203
Website:For more information on the REALTOR® Party Immersion Day at AEI, click here

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