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REALTOR® Association Planning Calendar by Date

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Welcome to the AE calendar of events, programs, initiatives, and other dates of interest to REALTOR associations. Use the search function on this page to find an event or click the blue triangles to view the content for each year and month.

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11/02/2016REALTORS® association Certified Executive (RCE) Exam - REALTORS® Conference and Expo
The written exam is administered during the REALTORS® Conference and Expo to all eligible RCE exam candidates. The exam can also be taken locally online if proctored by an RCE designee up to two weeks prior to the schedule exam date.
Contact: Krystal Allen
Website: Click here for more information

11/06/2016REALTORS® Conference Leadership Luncheon (Sponsored by RCE)
Sponsored by the RCE Certification Board, this ticketed luncheon held at each national meeting features keynote speakers on industry issues. The luncheon also provides an opportunity to recognize RCE designees and offers greater visibility for the designation to volunteer leaders.
Contact: Krystal Allen

11/28/2016 -- 12/02/20162017 REALTOR Party Training Conference
Attendees of the REALTOR Party Training Conference will receive an in depth review of their committee's purpose and goals for the year ahead. The conference is a tiered schedule and will only be a 2-night commitment for most attendees.
Contact: Beth Brittingham
Website: For more information on the REALTOR® Party Training Conference click here

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