Real Estate Facts

Ready-made News Columns for Your Association

These Real Estate Facts articles are designed for use as consumer interest newspaper stories. By featuring your association spokesperson, the columns position your organization as a local authority on consumer real estate issues. They will be updated sporadically throughout the year.  

Be sure to read the guidelines at the bottom of this page before using the columns. They are intended for use by association executives and members.  

For more information, contact the media team at 202-383-7515

Guidelines For Use

By featuring your association spokesperson, these columns help to position your organization as a local authority on consumer real estate issues. 

These guidelines will assist those of you who are new to media relations, and serve as a refresher for everyone else. 

  1. Read each column carefully. Rewrite as appropriate to add local flavor. Local information will make them more valuable in the eyes of your newspaper editor because they will be of greater interest to the paper's readers.
  2. Place your name and contact information at the top of the column (usually your phone number and e-mail address)
  3. Cut paragraphs as necessary, to comply with space restrictions in your local newspaper. Publications with smaller circulations or "weeklies" are more likely to print columns in full.
  4. Place the column on your letterhead or news release paper, filling in the blanks as necessary with your spokesperson's name and the name of your association. Double-space the copy and begin your second page with a repeat of the topic and the page number.
  5. Hand deliver, mail, fax or e-mail the article to the real estate, business, or city editor at each area paper. If you don't know the name of that individual, find out. Your material will have a better chance of being used if the proper editor receives it directly.