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A value proposition is the unique statement of the value an association offers its members. It differentiates why being a member is different than not being one. It’s the reason members should pay their dues, invest in a class, or invest in new technology. It is a promise of what they will receive in exchange for their investment.

There are a number of reasons to create a value proposition for your association:

• To raise member awareness of your current services and programs
• To encourage new membership
• To retain members
• To strengthen the association’s relationship with members
• To attract potential leaders
• To increase association staff knowledge, confidence, and job satisfaction
• To focus leadership and staff behavior on vital member benefits

Remember that associations can’t satisfy all of members’ needs all of the time. Focus on what you do well and fill any gaps with the help of resources available to you such as NAR, local colleges, community groups, and more. Leverage your resources and partner with others to deliver the services your members most want and need.

The process of refining your value proposition is continuous. Examine it at regular intervals, after you update your member research, and tweak it as you need to.

A value proposition is not about fixing something. It’s about identifying what makes you indispensable to your members. Let’s get to work.

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