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Assess your human resources needs with this handy checklist of important questions.

Employee Relations

  • Are the "NAR Employer/Employee Guidelines for Wrongful Termination" followed?
  • Is there a formal Performance Improvement Program policy?
  • Are terminations handled in a manner that complies with applicable laws and association policy?
  • Is written performance documentation maintained?
  • Are performance reviews done on a regular basis?
  • Do employees clearly know upon what their appraisals will be based?
  • Do you have an open door policy for employee complaints?
  • Is the sexual harassment policy clearly communicated to all employees?
  • Are employees provided with a comfortable work environment?
  • Are personnel files retained in compliance with applicable laws?
  • Are I-9 forms complete for all employees?
  • Have all employees received a copy of the employee handbook? Have they signed a statement that they have received, read and understand its contents?
  • Does the handbook have the appropriate “Employment At Will” disclaimer?


  • Is a standard application form used?
  • Do job descriptions exist for open positions?
  • Does the job description drive the writing of the employment ad?
  • Does the job description drive the selection of behavioral interview questions?
  • Are all qualified candidates interviewed?
  • Is the selection decision made in compliance with the applicable employment laws?
  • Have candidates given written permission to contact references?
  • Are references checked before offers are made?


  • Are all employee decisions based on Bona Fide Occupational Qualifications?
  • Are required employment law posters displayed in an appropriate place?
  • Are you making employment decisions based on applicable employment laws and compliance thresholds?


  • Is an orientation conducted for all new hires?
  • Do all new hires receive job-specific training?
  • Are current employees allowed to take skills-based training as needed?


  • Are employees appropriately classified (exempt vs. nonexempt, employee vs. independent contractor)?
  • Is there compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act in terms of minimum wage, overtime pay and record keeping?
  • Is there compliance with other applicable employment laws?
  • Are employees paid a competitive rate?
  • Is there internal equity among current employees?
  • Is compensation tied to performance?


  • Are the benefits offered sufficient to attract the desired level of talent?
  • Are the benefits offered in compliance with appropriate laws?

Download a PDF (36K) for a printable checkbox version of the Human Resources Audit Form.