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NAR's Information Services team creates and maintains an extensive number of Field Guides which are specifically aimed at AEs and those in leadership positions.

Check the list below and discover how the articles, books, websites, statistics, and other materials offered in these Field Guides can help you with your everyday research.

  • To access toolkits for Association Management operations, visit the Popular Toolkits section of the Association Executives home page.
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Association Budgets & Reserves

  • Take the pain out of Association budgeting with these tools available through NAR's library at Information Services (last updated: April 2017).

Association Mergers & Partnerships

  • Information regarding association mergers in general, as well as information specific to REALTOR® Association mergers (last updated: Feb. 2017).

Association Shared Services

  • Discover the advantages of sharing services with other associations and resources to help make them work (last updated: June 2016).

Board Histories & Anniversaries

  • Ideas for recognizing and celebrating an anniversary and writing an organization's history, with help from NAR's extensive archives (last updated: March 2016).

Communication for Associations

  • Resources to help today's busy association executive better understand and achieve successful styles of communication (last updated: June 2016).

Establishing a Charitable Association

  • Information pertaining to tax and legal issues, fundraising, and general tips on how to start a non-profit (last updated: Feb. 2017).

Investment Planning for Associations

  • Find articles, books, and resources that detail common risks and best practices (last updated: March 2016).

IRS Form 990 Reporting Rules for Nonprofits

  • Get the latest IRS information and find out how recent updates will affect your organization (last updated: Feb. 2015).

Leadership D​evelopment

  • Articles, tips, and practical examples for those wishing to develop and improve their leadership skills (last updated: May 2017).

Redesigning Association Websites

  • Articles and helpful tips to assist in the redesign of your association's website for the 21st century (last updated: March 2016).

Risk Management & Insurance Issues for Associations

  • Navigate the ins and outs of insurance for associations including coverage, understanding risk management, professional liability, and more (last updated: March 2016).

Strategic Planning for Associations

  • Resources on all aspects of strategic planning as well as information specifically aimed at REALTOR® associations (last updated: March 2016).

Technology Tools for Association Executives

  • Learn tips for doing information technology yourself, keep up with legal issues, and explore new training ideas (last updated: May 2017).


Don't forget: NAR's other Field Guides are of value to all REALTORS® and cover a vast array of topics like residential real estate, technology, land use issues, sales/marketing, and many more.

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