Association Executives Committee
Large Broker Relationships Work Group
Saturday, March 22, 2014
Baltimore, Maryland

Meeting Summary

Work Group Purpose

To explore strategies and best practices for how associations develop and maintain healthy relationships with large brokers while communicating and delivering value to this constituency.


Prior to the first meeting work group members provided input on the successes, challenges, and frustrations they’re experiencing with the large brokers in their association.  Work group members also offered input on how their large brokers view the association and what, if any, association services they value.

Meeting Discussion

Work Group Chair Rebecca Grossman provided an overview of the input received from the work group.  Some of the common successes that work group members noted with large brokers include the following:

  • Serving on the association’s board of directors
  • Attentive to legislative issues
  • Assisting with RPAC fundraising
  • Providing services to large brokers that they can’t provide themselves
  • One-on-one communication with large brokers; exclusivity rather than a group approach

Some of the common challenges that work group members experience with large brokers include the following:

  • View the association as a competitor
  • Not interested in getting involved in the association
  • Don’t want the association to level the playing field
  • Frustrated that they are limited to what they can do with MLS data
  • Frustrated with policies that they think bog them down
  • Due to their size, some may try to influence or dictate the association’s agenda

There was some discussion on what constitutes a large broker.  There seemed to be consensus that while criteria and size may differ greatly, in general terms, a large broker is someone who has a large market share of the association. 

The work group engaged in a brainstorm discussion of what kinds of resources might be valuable to associations in their relationships with large brokers.  Some ideas include:

  • Toolkit of strategies that have been successful for other associations
  • Template that associations can use in their strategic planning
  • List or compilation of best practices

Any type of resource or compilation could be organized within the following categories:  New Member Process; Communications; Education; Governance; MLS.

Next Meeting

2014 REALTOR® Party Convention and Trade Expo – Wednesday, May 14, 1:00p.m. – 2:30p.m.

Work Group Members

Rebecca Grossman, RCE, Chair
Duncan MacKenzie, RCE, Vice Chair
Mark Allen, RCE
Richard Barkett
Audra Burrell
Mary Cano, RCE
Cathy Faulkner, RCE
Karen Gehle, RCE, CAE
Margaret Grant, RCE
Paul Griffin, RCE
Myron Larimer
Melissa Maldonado, RCE
Patrick Reilly, RCE
Diane Ruggiero, RCE, CAE
Angela Shields, RCE, CAE
Philip Tedesco, RCE, CAE
Christine Todd, RCE, CAE
Carol Van Gorp, RCE, CAE


Sharon Keating

Staff Executive

Cindy Sampalis