Advocacy Planning Work Group Summary

Association Executives Committee
Advocacy Planning Work Group
Sunday, March 24, 2014
Baltimore, Maryland

Meeting Summary

Work Group Purpose

To develop a political advocacy strategic planning component to assist local and state associations that want to include political advocacy as one of their association’s strategic initiatives.


REALTOR® Party Resources -- Bill Malkasian, Vice President of Political Strategic Planning, provided an overview of the four categories of REALTOR® Party resources – Community Involvement and Outreach, RPAC Fundraising, Advocacy, and Building REALTOR® Party Strength – all of which are outlined in the 2014 Resource Guide for REALTOR® Associations.  While state and local associations with GADs have used many of the resources, most local associations have not.  REALTOR® Party consultants are available to help associations with campaigns, elections, issues referendums, fundraising, etc.  Initiatives can be customized depending on the association culture, budget, and staff resources.

Organizational Alignment PAG – Jarrod Grasso, AEC Vice Chair and PAG member, reported that the NAR Board of Directors is expected to vote on the proposed Organizational Alignment PAG report at the 2014 May REALTOR® Party Convention.  With approval from the Board, the work group can pursue its objective to help associations comply with the following proposed advocacy standards: to strive for RPAC “fair share” contributions through dues billing or other means; to participate in NAR and state association Calls for Action; to demonstrate advocacy engagement; and to demonstrate consumer outreach activity.


The work group engaged in a brainstorm discussion of the various tools and support available from NAR and how the work group can help local and state associations incorporate some of these resources into their advocacy plans.  Work group members acknowledged that almost every association collects RPAC dollars, but beyond that participation varies widely and size is not always an indicator of political involvement.  Rather than focus on association size, the work group agreed that the guidance, resources, and general output from the work group should be categorized according to experience levels – beginner, intermediate, and advanced.


Work group members agreed to apply for one of the REALTOR® Party programs outlined in the resource guide prior to the May REALTOR® Party Convention meeting.  Possible timely actions include: apply for a Community Program Grant (by April 30); apply for an Issues Mobilization Grant; apply for an RPAC Fundraising Grant.

REALTOR® Party consultant Chip Ahlswede will coordinate communication between work group members and the other NAR REALTOR® consultants to provide support, on an as needed basis, with the above mentioned homework assignment.

Next Meeting

2014 REALTOR® Party Convention and Trade Expo – Thursday, May 15, 2014, 1:00p.m. – 2:30p.m.

Work Group Members

Theresa Hatton, RCE, CAE, Chair
Dave Phillips, RCE, CAE, Vice Chair
Isaac Chavez, RCE
Sheila Dodson, RCE
Lance Evans, RCE
John Fridlington, RCE, CAE
Dionna Hall
Allan Hetkowski, RCE, CAE
Chris Kyler
Vilma Lopez
Bill Martin, RCE
Brenda Roney, RCE
Doug Rotthaus, RCE, CAE
Sharon Sample, RCE
David Sanders
Claire Shahzad, RCE
Clint Skutchan, RCE
Ryan Tucholski, RCE
Marti Veto
Brittnie Welsh
Debbie Wilkens


Sharon Keating

Staff Executives

Chip Ahlswede
Gerry Allen
Bill Malkasian
Cindy Sampalis