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The Regional Vice Presidents of the National Association of REALTORS® consist of 13 elected individuals who are appointed to oversee the work of the National Association in their respective region and act as the representative of the President in such matters as may be assigned to them.

The following outlines the role and responsibilities of a Regional Vice President, and the guidelines regions must adhere to when selecting a candidate for the office of Regional Vice President.

View a map of the 13 NAR Regions

Role of the Regional Vice President

The Regional Vice President is an officer of the National Association of REALTORS®. Each In their respective region, an RVP serves as a representative of NAR to identify problems or opportunities within the region and assisting whenever possible and acting as the representative of the President in such matters as may be assigned by the President.

Guidelines for Selecting a Regional Vice President

  • Regions must use the NAR Application for Elected Office for Regional Vice President candidates to complete and submit to their region. 
  • Regional Vice President Candidates should have state or regional spokesperson training. 
  • Regions must conduct formal candidate interviews and are strongly encouraged to use the Suggested Interview Questions


  • The RVP candidate must have broad leadership experience from their local and state association, and must have served as state president and/or national president of an NAR institute, society or council. 
  • The RVP candidate must have served as a NAR director which may include the year as a director when serving as state president. 
  • The RVP candidate must have served as a member of a NAR committee. 
  • The RVP candidate must have other REALTOR®, civic and governmental activity and experience as would indicate leadership ability and potential. 

Duties, Responsibilities and Authority

  • Raise members’ awareness of the content and importance of NAR programs and policies in their region. 
  • Serve as spokesperson for NAR within the region and as a coordinator in solving problems at the various levels. 
  • Work with the state association and board presidents and executive officers to stimulate a team effort throughout the year. 
  • Attend state association leadership conference, regional conferences (if applicable) and/or annual convention, when possible, to improve understanding, cooperation, and two-way communication. 
  • Attend the annual NAR meetings and chair their regional caucus meeting to conduct regional business affairs and exchange information. 
  • Serve as a voting member of the Executive Committee. 
  • Oversee the work of NAR in their respective regions and act as the representative of the President in such matters as may be assigned to them. 


View the Campaign Endorsement Prohibition Policy for Elected and Appointed Officers.


Meet the 2017 Regional Vice Presidents

Jamie Moore


Jamie Moore, Warwick, RI
Region 1 consists of: Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont
View bio (PDF: 228 KB)

Allan Dechert


Allan ‘Dutch’ Dechert, Avalon, NJ
Region 2 consists of: New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania
View bio (PDF: 230 KB)

Mary Dykstra


Mary Dykstra, Roanoke, VA
Region 3 consists of: Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia
View bio (PDF: 231 KB)

Ann McDonald


Ann McDonald, Winchester, KY
Region 4 consists of: Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee
View bio (PDF: 228 KB)

Sherri Meadows


Sherri Meadows, Ocala, FL
Region 5 consists of: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico
View bio (PDF: 230 KB)

Bill Milliken


Bill Milliken, Ann Arbor, MI
Region 6 consists of: Michigan, Ohio
View Bio (PDF: 227 KB)

Patrick Dalessandro


Patrick Dalessandro, Niles, IL
Region 7 consists of: Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin
View bio (PDF: 229 KB)

Don Marple


Don Marple, Davenport, IA
Region 8 consists of: Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota
View bio (PDF: 232 KB)

Karen Crowson


Karen Crowson, Benton, AR
Region 9 consists of: Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma
View bio (PDF: 227 KB)

Leslie Rouda Smith


Leslie Rouda Smith, Dallas, TX
Region 10 consists of: Louisiana, Texas
View bio (PDF: 231 KB)

George Harvey


George Harvey, Telluride, CO
Region 11 consists of: Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming
View bio (PDF: 230 KB)

Julie DeLorenzo


Julie DeLorenzo, Boise, ID
Region 12 consists of: Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington
View bio (PDF: 227 KB)

Leil Koch


Leil Koch, Lahaina, HI
Region 13 consists of: California, Hawaii, Guam
View bio (PDF: 319 KB)


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