Host RLP at Your Association

If you have a leadership conference coming up or are looking for programming opportunities, you can host the RLP course(s) at your association. You have the option of hosting Leadership 200, Leadership 300, or both. Trying to keep costs down? Partner with a neighboring association.

1. Pick which course / licensing fee is right for your association

The host association is responsible for the licensing fee that is due to NAR for the course(s) they choose. The licensing fee is $300 to host one course, $500 to host two courses, or a combination of these fees to host multiple courses (3 courses - $800; 4 courses - $1,000; 5 courses - $1,300; etc.)

2. Choose a facilitator

Choose a facilitator from our facilitators list. Most are chosen based on geographical location to minimize travel expenses.

3. Pick a date, confirm facilitator availability, and notify NAR

After you choose a facilitator, pick a date to host the course and confirm it with your facilitator. Then contact Laurie Oken, 312-329-8307.

4. Complete and return paperwork

You will receive documents via email from NAR staff to help promote and secure your RLP session. Send them back to NAR staff to confirm your RLP session date.

  • Hosting agreement – A customized contract between NAR and your association.
  • Facilitator agreement – Contract between you and your scheduled facilitator, agreeing upon pricing and date / time of session.
  • Facilitator checklist – You will also receive a checklist to make sure your venue will be prepared for the session, as well as a checklist you’ll send back to NAR staff and your facilitator to help with travel arrangements.

5. Determine the cost of the session for participants

It is up to the hosting association to charge their members for attending the session based on association's cost for the course. 

6. Promote the session

In the editable promotional materials NAR will send you, type in your session’s date, time, pricing (if applicable), and location to promote the session to your members and around your association.

7. Prepare and distribute certificates of completion

Each member will receive a Certificate of Completion that is sent to the host association prior to the session. The course codes can also be uploaded into NRDS by the association staff. Learn how.

Questions? Contact Laurie Oken, 312-329-8307, or Courtney Wilson, 312-329-5972.


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