Co-Host the RLP with NAR

Your association can partner with NAR to co-host the RLP in your area.

NAR will provide:

  • course registration
  • course facilitator
  • course materials
  • customized marketing materials

Associations will:

  • provide a local venue
  • promote the courses to aspiring leaders in both your own and neighboring associations

Each attendee pays $200 to NAR to attend both L200 and L300 at your local association.

For more information, contact Laurie Oken, 312-329-8307, or Courtney Wilson, 312-329-5972.


Young Professionals Network

YPN helps young real estate practitioners become more business savvy through networking events, communications, and sharing tips and tricks.

Tax Reform

Pending tax reform plans threaten to wipe out the tax benefits of owning a home for 95% of American families.