Anniversary and Current Needs

2018 NAR President Elizabeth Mendenhall, 2015 NAR President Chris Polychron, and 2017 RPAC Fundraising Liaison Kenny Parcell recall the founding of the REALTORS® Relief Foundation 16 years ago today and the need for funds today as the nation faces a series of natural disasters. Learn more and donate:

Bringing Help Home

Learn more about the REALTORS® Relief Foundation and how it has worked to help victims of disaster over the last 10+ years.

The True Impact of the REALTORS® Relief Foundation

The REALTORS® Relief Fund is always helping people and local communities in need. Just ask Steve Francks of the Washington Association of REALTORS®.

NAR Leadership Summit 2014

Richard Mendenhall, 2001 NAR President, speaks about the REALTORS® Relief Foundation and how REALTORS® create community.

Greg Larson Discusses His Experience With Flooding

Greg Larson, 2015 President of the North Dakota Association of REALTORS®, discusses what it was like living through a flood that lasted 93 days and what the REALTORS® Relief Fund did to help them get back on their feet.

Debbie Dwyer and the REALTORS® Relief Foundation

Debbie Dwyer, 2014 Vice President of the REALTORS® Relief Foundation, talks about the origins and inner workings of the Foundation and how achieved last year's goal with the help of their Silent Auction.


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